About us

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Our Story

Natural Bröder’s Organic Cosmetics is Tallinn, Estonia based brand. 

Back in the day it started as a fun free time project aim of which was to make organic skincare products for friends and relatives. As awareness demand started to grow, the founder decided to turn it into a small sustainable business which would maintain its core values and provide a few jobs to his friends. For the first couple of months the products were made at home and sales happened only through Instagram and Facebook, but as the demand continued to grow, the founder had no other option but to open up a small store in the heart of Tallinn. There he continued to produce the products and started to host small environmental awareness events which attracted quite some attention. In the beginning of 2020, Aleks had to close the store due to personal reasons but the passion for environment and crafting didn’t vanish.

Now in late 2021 despite all difficulties that small businesses are facing – we’ve decided to reopen to business with a small, yet motivated and passionate team of entrepreneurs and craftsmen and we’re ready to bring back our best selling products and scale up while staying true to our core values.

Our Vision

To build a sustainable zero waste brand and produce vegan, organic and cruelty free products that will nourish our clients bodies in the cold Scandinavian climate.

Our Mission

To bring awareness to environmental and social issues and how each one of us can contribute to tackling them. 

Our sustainability goals

No greenwashing, no bullshit – We don’t want to be just another skincare brand. Our aim is to raise proper awareness, take responsibility and make small yet solid steps towards the improvement of social and environmental issues in the fields where we can really have an impact. To bring equality into the business and production sector, to be more mindful with our sourcing, manufacturing and to be more ethical towards our planet and other species that reside on it.